Our COVID-19 Response

**Please ask yourself if this is the right time for you to get massage

Are you willing to come in to receive massage? If the answer is no, then please know I respect your decision and hold no judgement whatsoever over it. You have my number and email address and can get ahold of me when you are ready to get back on the table.

**Please ask yourself if you are willing to get a time-reduced service

If you are used to 90 minute or 2 hours sessions, that won’t be on the “table” (see what I did there?) for now. I will only be offering 1 hour sessions at this time. Duration in a room with another person is an important factor that I’m keeping aware of.

**Please ask yourself if you are willing to wear a mask for treatments

It is a state mandate to wear a mask indoors in any business in Washington State and I am unwilling to risk my business because of non-compliance. I have found a way that you can be face down in the face cradle without the mask, but it does have it’s own little uncomfortable factors. I will be wearing a mask throughout our sessions, so I’m practicing what I’m preachin’, y’all.

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